makes me feel old

Sometimes I feel like I’m still 19. And then I talk to a 19 year-old and realize, NO.

Don’t get me wrong, I am unceasingly grateful to be adding wisdom to my years (and vice versa). There is beauty and growth in each season of life, and I hope to hold on to it while it is my reality. But part of that is being able to take it all in stride, so without further ado…

Things that have made me feel old lately*:

  • Receiving a graduation announcement from someone I used to baby-sit… When she was still in diapers.
  • My friends are having babies on purpose.
  • My little brother just finished his first year of pharmacy school.
  • This work of art. Notably:
    • #42: It’s been 25 years (!) of Full House.
    • #40: Haha! Also: Saturday morning cartoons. And TGIF.
    • #36: If you think about it, it’s kind of creepy. But still true.
    • #18: No.
    • #10: Clarissa Explains It All!
  • Catching myself saying, “How is this year almost half over?”
  • Had to inform the youngin’ cutting my hair that the song I was raving about that was playing in the studio was by Ace of Base. Also: I think “The Sign” was my first CD… Too embarrassed to mention my first casette tape.
  • Being called “m’am.” I know being in the “south” is part of it, but it still freaks me out every time.

And to bring it all full circle… This. Search your Twitter handle (or mine: @cooktravelyoga) or the Wikipedia entry for “meditation,” and carry on from there.

*Apologies to my mom who probably has her own list, starting with “My daughter wrote this blog post…”


2 thoughts on “makes me feel old

  1. Wow…

    “This be a gangbangin’ funk n’ dynamic combination of traditionizzle yoga n’ aerial arts, n’ you can put dat on yo’ toast. Expand n’ extend yo’ menstrual n’ physical limits durin a hour-long yoga practice …”

    “Aerial Fit offers Unnata Aerial Yoga classes on low-hangin aerial silks hammocks (also called a gangbangin’ fabric trapeze) fo’ beginners n’ all levels up in n’ round Charleston, SC”

    And the list? Man, I’m old. I remember every single thing on there…

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